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About Coaching 


Wellness Coaching Australia says….


“Have you ever wondered what creates the gap between what people say they want and what they actually do?

Wellness Coaching can close this gap.  Combining theory from Coaching Psychology, Behaviour Change and Positive Psychology, we help clients overcome resistance to change by using a step by step, structured approach.  Wellness coaches support clients in working out what they want, why they want it, what’s stopping them and only then together create a plan for action.

Through this supportive relationship, Wellness Coaches empower their clients with focus on facilitation, rather than prescription.  The client then takes responsibility, feels more confident as they experience small successes and ultimately achieves more significant change than they would on their own.

Wellness Coaching helps clients overcome resistance to change.  Making a shift from taking a, “Do what I say”, stance to one of supporting your clients in working out what they want, why they want it and what’s stopping them will result in greater motivation, self-worth and outcomes for your clients”.


As a result from coaching,  I promise you will see transformation. I am not promising you results over night, like these quick fix diets (that by the way, do not work long-term!), I’m not promising you I am going to tell you what to do and then it miraculously happens for you in a week, but I am promising you that if you really want to change, but have got a bit lost on the way, are willing to put in the hard work and commitment, then I can guide you, facilitate and help you be that person you want to be, it will happen!